If You Just TRY...

Here's What I've Tried So Far


This site is another one of those things that people say I'm too young to do.

People think I'm too young to do hard things all the time.

With the support of my parents and faith in God, I'm out to prove that limits are imaginary.

I ran a half marathon when I was 7.

I ran a full marathon when I was 8.

My last 2 miles of both were my fastest... and I had fun!

This Summer I got to travel the USA in a motorhome with my family...

until we wrecked.

Then we traveled in a car and stayed in a tent.

That was more fun anyway, even though we were cold!

I like taking pictures and telling stories.

I like adventures.

I like being UNLIMITED!

That doesn't mean no rules, it just means I'm capable of more than people think...

and I can prove it!

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Kids do amazing things all the time.  I like to have fun and see new stuff and do things people think are impossible for a kid to do. Thanks for coming to my site! If you know a kid that does amazing stuff then tell me about it and send pictures!


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