This is where I post about my favorite sport.  Running!

This was my first Half Marathon Medal I got when I was 7.

This was my first Full Marathon Medal I got when I was 8.

This Was My First 50k Medal That I Got When I Was 11. 

This Is My First Medal When I Was 4.

Random Running Pics

Amelia and Zac runs the world 5-17
Henry and Amelia 10-17
Larry and Amelia 10-17
Amelias first half 5-17
Amelia wins 1st overall woman 917
The Joeys Logo 8-17
Amelia halfway through 1st marathon 10-17
Amelia Unlimited

Kids do amazing things all the time.  I like to have fun and see new stuff and do things people think are impossible for a kid to do. Thanks for coming to my site! If you know a kid that does amazing stuff then tell me about it and send pictures!


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